Calculus of Variations and Geometric Measure Theory
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Existence and uniqueness for crystalline mean curvature flows with general mobilities

Marcello Ponsiglione (Dip. Mat. Univ. Roma ``La Sapienza'')

created by novaga on 05 Feb 2019

27 feb 2019 -- 17:00   [open in google calendar]

Aula seminari, Dipartimento di Matematica


In this seminar we will discuss weak formulations for crystalline mean curvature flows, providing existence and uniqueness of the geometric evolution up to fattening.

In particular, we show that the Almgren-Taylor-Wang scheme starting from any given initial set converges, up to fattening, to a unique flat flow. These results are in collaboration with A. Chambolle, M. Morini and M. Novaga.

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