Calculus of Variations and Geometric Measure Theory
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``A Marstrand theorem for measures with polytope density''

Andrew Lorent (University of Cincinnati)

created by gelli on 05 Nov 2007

7 nov 2007


title:``A Marstrand theorem for measures with polytope density''

Sala delle Riunioni--Dipartimento di Matematica--ore 17.00--

Abstract: We will give a sketch of some methods used to prove some classic theorems in Geometric Measure Theorey related to (and precursors of) Preiss rectifiability theorem. In particular we will focus on Marstrand's Theorem that a measure in Euclidean space whose s-density exists and is positive finite everywhere has to be such that s is and integer and the measure has a weak s tangents almost everywhere. We will state a recent theorem which generalises the first part of Marstrands theorem for a wide class of finite dimensional normed vector spaces.

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