Calculus of Variations and Geometric Measure Theory
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One PhD and one PostDoc positions at the University of Basel in the group of Prof. G. Crippa

created by crippa on 04 Sep 2020

Deadline: 31 oct 2020

Dear Colleague,

one PhD position and one PostDoc position will soon be available within my ERC-funded research group at the University of Basel, Switzerland. The planned start for both positions is in the first months of 2021, but some flexibility will be possible.

After a first year of probation, the PhD position will be extended for additional three years. The position includes some limited teaching, consisting in one exercise group per semester (correction of exercises by the students and discussion in a tutorial session).

The PostDoc position will be initially for one year, and flexibly extendable upon mutual agreement. It carries the same teaching load as the PhD position, however upon mutual agreement it could be replaced by lecturing a class (for students in mathematics) as main instructor.

The research topics for both positions revolve around the themes of my ERC Starting Grant "Fluid Flows and Irregular Transport", in particular:

- ordinary differential equations and continuity-transport equations with rough velocity

- topics from fluid dynamics (Euler equations, vanishing viscosity, ...)

- mixing of fluids

- advection-diffusion equations

- other PDEs related to transport models (for instance, conservation laws).

Postdoctoral candidates are expected to have some expertise in at least one of the above areas, a solid background in the analysis of PDEs, harmonic analysis, and measure theory, and some degree of independence in research. Funding for traveling and for research collaborations will be available for both positions. More information about the research in my group is available at the webpages listed below.

Submission of candidatures, as well as informal inquiries, is possible via email to Please include in the subject the string PhD or PostDoc depending on the position under consideration. The review of the candidatures will start in the middle of October, and will proceed until the positions will be filled.

Please forward this message to potential candidates!

Many thanks in advance and best regards,

Gianluca Crippa

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