Calculus of Variations and Geometric Measure Theory
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Postdoctoral Researcher: Analysis of Quasilinear Parabolic PDEs

created by cristoferi on 30 Jul 2020

Deadline: 20 sep 2020

We invite applications for a postdoctoral position in the field of partial differential equations funded through the NWO grant OCENW.KLEIN.358. The project addresses quasilinear parabolic equations arising in mathematical models for biofilm growth. The position is for three years, does not include any teaching duties, and will be supervised by Dr Stefanie Sonner. The starting date is flexible but must be no later than January 2021. Applicants from groups that are underrepresented in science are particularly encouraged to apply. The deadline for the application is 20 September 2020.

The research project focuses on the mathematical analysis of quasilinear reaction diffusion systems modelling the growth and formation of bacterial biofilms. Their characteristic feature are the degenerate diffusion coefficients for the biomass fractions comprising a power-law degeneracy (known from the porous medium equation) and a super diffusion singularity. The aim is to establish well-posedness results and to investigate qualitative properties of solutions such as their regularity and long-time behaviour. Applicants should hold a PhD degree in mathematics and be familiar with nonlinear partial differential equations andor reaction-diffusion systems.

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