Calculus of Variations and Geometric Measure Theory
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E. Mainini

A global uniqueness result for an evolution problem arising in superconductivity

created by mainini on 28 Feb 2009
modified on 10 Aug 2009


Published Paper

Inserted: 28 feb 2009
Last Updated: 10 aug 2009

Journal: Boll. Unione Mat. Ital. (9)
Volume: 2
Number: 2
Pages: 509-528
Year: 2009


We consider an energy functional on measures in $R^2$ arising in superconductivity as a limit case of the well-known Ginzburg Landau functionals. We study its gradient flow with respect to the Wasserstein metric of probability measures, whose corresponding time evolutive problem can be seen as a mean field model for the evolution of vortex densities. We obtain a new existence and uniqueness result for this problem.


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