Calculus of Variations and Geometric Measure Theory
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M. Magnabosco - C. Rigoni - G. Sosa

Convergence of metric measure spaces satisfying the CD condition for negative values of the dimension parameter

created by rigoni on 07 Apr 2021


Submitted Paper

Inserted: 7 apr 2021
Last Updated: 7 apr 2021

Year: 2021


We study the problem of whether the curvature-dimension condition with negative values of the generalized dimension parameter is stable under a suitable notion of convergence. To this purpose, first of all we introduce an appropriate setting to introduce the CD(K, N)-condition for $N < 0$, allowing metric measure structures in which the reference measure is quasi-Radon. Then in this class of spaces we introduce the distance $d_{\mathsf{iKRW}}$, which extends the already existing notions of distance between metric measure spaces. Finally, we prove that if a sequence of metric measure spaces satisfying the CD(K, N)-condition with $N < 0$ is converging with respect to the distance $d_{\mathsf{iKRW}}$ to some metric measure space, then this limit structure is still a CD(K, N) space.


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