Calculus of Variations and Geometric Measure Theory
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D. Mucci - A. Saracco

The weak Frenet frame of non-smooth curves with finite total curvature and absolute torsion

created by mucci on 10 Jan 2019


Submitted Paper

Inserted: 10 jan 2019
Last Updated: 10 jan 2019

Year: 2019


We deal with a notion of weak binormal and weak principal normal for non-smooth curves of the Euclidean space with finite total curvature and total absolute torsion. By means of piecewise linear methods, we first introduce the analogous notation for polygonal curves, where the polarity property is exploited, and then make use of a density argument. Both our weak binormal and normal are rectifiable curves which naturally live in the projective plane. In particular, the length of the weak binormal agrees with the total absolute torsion of the given curve. Moreover, the weak normal is the vector product of suitable parameterizations of the tangent indicatrix and of the weak binormal. In the case of smooth curves with positive curvature, the weak binormal and normal yield (up to a lifting) the classical notions of binormal and normal.


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