Calculus of Variations and Geometric Measure Theory
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D. Barilari - F. Boarotto

On the set of points of smoothness for the value function for affine optimal control problems

created by barilari on 21 Oct 2016
modified on 01 Dec 2017


SIAM, Journal of Control and Optimization

Inserted: 21 oct 2016
Last Updated: 1 dec 2017

Year: 2017


We study the regularity properties of the value function associated with an ane optimal control problem with quadratic cost plus a potential, for a fixed fi nal time and initial point. Without assuming any condition on singular minimizers, we prove that the value function is continuous on an open and dense subset of the interior of the attainable set. As a byproduct we obtain that it is actually smooth on a possibly smaller set, still open and dense.


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