Calculus of Variations and Geometric Measure Theory
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L. Brasco - G. De Philippis

Spectral inequalities in quantitative form

created by brasco on 16 Apr 2016


Book Chapter

Inserted: 16 apr 2016
Last Updated: 16 apr 2016

Pages: 71
Year: 2016

This is a chapter of the forthcoming book "Shape Optimization and Spectral Theory", edited by Antoine Henrot and published by De Gruyter.


We review some results about quantitative improvements of sharp inequalities for eigenvalues of the Laplacian.

Keywords: Stability of eigenvalues, Szego-Weinberger, Torsional rigidity, Faber-Krahn, Brock-Weinstock, Hong-Krahn-Szego, harmonic radius, Ashbaugh-Benguria


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