Calculus of Variations and Geometric Measure Theory
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E. Le Donne - G. P. Leonardi - R. Monti - D. Vittone

Extremal polynomials in stratified groups

created by vittone on 19 Jul 2013
modified by monti on 28 Nov 2016


Accepted Paper

Inserted: 19 jul 2013
Last Updated: 28 nov 2016

Journal: Comm. Anal. and Geom.
Year: 2016


We introduce a family of extremal polynomial associated with the prolongation of a stratified nilpotent Lie algebra. These polynomials are related to a new algebraic characterization of abnormal subriemannian geodesics in stratified nilpotent Lie groups. They satisfy a set of remarkable structure relations that are used to integrate the adjoint equations.

Keywords: Carnot groups, SubRiemannian geometry, Abnormal extremals, Extremal polynomials


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