Calculus of Variations and Geometric Measure Theory
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irst Edinburgh-Vienna workshop on advances in PDEs

created by braidesa on 15 Dec 2019

25 may 2020 - 28 may 2020   [open in google calendar]

ICMS Edinburgh

The aim of the workshop is to initiate cooperations between groups in Edinburgh, Vienna, and other places on recent analytical and numerical topics on nonlinear PDEs, including stochastic PDEs. The audience will consist of experienced researchers, postdocs, and PhD students from Edinburgh, Vienna and abroad. The workshop is organized in the framework of the doctoral training centres Mathematical Modelling, Analysis and Computation in Edinburgh (UK) and Dissipation and Dispersion in Nonlinear PDEs in Vienna (Austria).

Organizers: Ansgar J√ľngel, Mariya Ptashnyk.

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