Calculus of Variations and Geometric Measure Theory
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Small Scales and Homogenisation (SmaSH)

created by rösler on 05 Feb 2019

24 jun 2019 - 26 jun 2019   [open in google calendar]

Cardiff University (UK)

This workshop is intended to connect different communities of mathematicians working in the domain of Asymptotic Analysis of multiscale problems. This is a wide field comprised of several subcategories such as homogenisation and porous media, boundary layer effects, thin structures and more. Even within each of these categories, the mathematical tools used by experts are very diverse and establishing contact between different communities is vital to ensure mutual benefit.

Organizers: Jonathan Ben-Artzi, Baptiste Morisse, Frank Rösler.

Speakers: Cristophe Prange, Tatiana Suslina, Kirill Cherednichenko, Cristophe Lacave, Svetlana Pastukhova, Olaf Post.

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