Calculus of Variations and Geometric Measure Theory
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CIME Course "Geometric Measure Theory and Applications: From Geometric Analysis to Free Boundary Problems"

created by focardi on 13 Dec 2018
modified on 17 Dec 2018

2 sep 2019 - 6 sep 2019   [open in google calendar]

Cetraro - CS


- Guido De Philippis (SISSA, Italy) $A$-free measures and applications

- André Neves (Univ. Chicago, USA) Existence of min-max minimal hypersurfaces

- Xavier Ros-Oton (Univ. Zurich, Switzerland) Regularity of free boundaries in obstacle problems

- Georg Weiss (Univ. Duisburg–Essen, Germany) Bernoulli type free boundary problems and water waves

Organizers: Matteo Focardi, Emanuele Spadaro.

Speakers: Guido De Philippis, André Neves, Xavier Ros-Oton, Georg Weiss.

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