Calculus of Variations and Geometric Measure Theory
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Pluripotential Theory, Geometric Analysis and Calibrated Geometry

created by rimoldi on 27 Feb 2018

2 may 2018 - 4 may 2018   [open in google calendar]

Department of Mathematics "Giuseppe Peano", University of Torino

This event is a mini-school and workshop on the topics of pluripotential theory, geometric analysis and calibrated geometry. It will consist of:

- Introductory seminars accessible to graduate students.
- Two short courses, whose aim will be to present recent work by R. Harvey and B. Lawson concerning an extension of classical pluripotential theory to calibrated geometry.
- Research seminars on topics related to the themes of the workshop.

Participants' requests to give a research seminar are warmly welcomed.

For further information or to register please contact

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