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--- Summary ---

* New papers by: Savaré, Goffi, Crismale, Bardi, Sodini, Gilioli, Gervasio, Sperandio, Battisti, Mori, Cavagnari, Bianchi, Cavagna, Colturato, Paola, Colli

* Modified papers by: Giachetti, Giacomelli, Stuvard, Saracco, Del Nin, Bardi, Miranda Jr, Moll, Prouff, Soravia, Comi, Feleqi, Pallara, Cesaroni, Semola, La Manna, Deng, Buffa, Pegon, Ciani, Caroccia, Cito, Goffi, De Lellis, Colombo, Petitta, Merlo, D'Onofrio, Marchese, Bruè, Topp, De Rosa, Oliva, Hirsch, Spolaor, Zeppieri, Carbotti, Cardaliaguet

--- News ---

* Riemann Prize Week - Festival della Matematica

--- Events next week ---

  Fri 24 September 2021 - Fri 24 September 2021
  Roma, Palazzo Corsini - Via della Lungara, 10


--- New Papers ---

* Crismale: Energetic solutions for the coupling of associative plasticity with damage in geomaterials

* Cavagnari, Savaré, Sodini: Dissipative probability vector fields and generation of evolution  semigroups in Wasserstein spaces

* Colli, Colturato, Gervasio, Gilioli, Sperandio: A nonlinear model for stage-structured population dynamics with nonlocal density-dependent regulation: an application to the fall armyworm moth

* Battisti, Bianchi, Cavagna, Colturato, Gilioli, Mori, Paola, Sperandio: Modelling diapause termination and phenology of the Japanese beetle Popillia japonica

* Bardi, Goffi: Liouville results for fully nonlinear equations modeled on Hormander vector fields: II. Carnot groups and Grushin geometries

--- Modified Papers ---

* Bardi, Cesaroni, Topp: Cauchy problem and periodic homogenization   for nonlocal Hamilton-Jacobi equations with coercive gradient terms

* Bardi, Goffi: New strong maximum and comparison principles for fully nonlinear degenerate elliptic PDEs

* Buffa, Comi, Miranda Jr: On $BV$ functions and essentially bounded divergence-measure fields in metric spaces

* Saracco: A sufficient criterion to determine planar self-Cheeger sets

* Giachetti, Oliva, Petitta: 1-Laplacian type problems with strongly singular nonlinearities and  gradient terms

* Colombo, De Rosa, Marchese, Pegon, Prouff: Stability of optimal traffic plans in the irrigation problem

* Caroccia, Ciani: Dimensional lower bounds for contact surfaces of Cheeger sets

* Bardi, Cardaliaguet: Convergence of some  Mean Field Games systems to aggregation and flocking models

* Bardi, Feleqi, Soravia: Regularity of the minimum time and of viscosity solutions of degenerate eikonal equations  via generalized Lie brackets

* Giacomelli, Moll, Petitta: Nonlinear diffusion in transparent media

* Carbotti, Cito, La Manna, Pallara: Gamma-convergence of fractional Gaussian perimeter

* Bruè, Deng, Semola: Improved regularity estimates for Lagrangian flows on RCD(K,N) spaces

* Del Nin, Merlo: Endpoint Fourier restriction and unrectifiability

* De Lellis, Hirsch, Marchese, Spolaor, Stuvard: Area minimizing hypersurfaces modulo $p$: a geometric free-boundary problem

* D'Onofrio, Zeppieri: $\Gamma$-convergence and stochastic homogenisation of degenerate integral functionals in weighted Sobolev spaces

--- Open Positions ---

* Chair in Mathematics (University of Bristol) (deadline: Fri 24 September 2021)

* (NEW) RTDB Politecnico di Milano, Milan (Italy) (deadline: Mon 27 September 2021)

* (NEW) Lecturer position at the University of Leeds (deadline: Sun 3 October 2021)

* PhD and Two Postdoctoral Positions at EPFL Lausanne (deadline: Tue 30 November 2021)

* Recruitment of Shing-Tung Yau Center of Southeast University (SEU-Yau Center)  Nanjing, China (deadline: Fri 11 February 2022)

* Recruitment of the Nanjing Center for Applied Mathematics(NCAM) Nanjing, China (deadline: Fri 11 February 2022)

* Research project on Optimal Transportation (deadline: Sat 31 December 2022)

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