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Weekly bulletin for http://cvgmt.sns.it

--- Summary ---

* New papers by: Di Marino, Scilla, Stra, D'Elia, Radici, Lučić, Solombrino, Riva, Pasqualetto

* Modified papers by: Pasqualetto, Bourne, Neff, Perugini, D'Elia, Braides, Piatnitski, Semola, Cristoferi, Vallocchia, Lewintan, Chiadò Piat, Bruè

--- Events next week ---

* ISIMM Online Meeting (STAMM 2020+1)
  Fri 17 September 2021 - Fri 17 September 2021


--- New Papers ---

* Radici, Stra: Entropy solutions of non-local scalar conservation laws with congestion  via deterministic particle method

* Riva, Scilla, Solombrino: The notions of Inertial Balanced Viscosity and Inertial Virtual Viscosity solution for rate-independent systems

* Di Marino, Lučić, Pasqualetto: Representation theorems for normed modules

* D'Elia: $\Gamma$-convergence of quadratic functionals with non uniformly elliptic conductivity matrices

--- Modified Papers ---

* Braides, Piatnitski: Homogenization of random convolution energies

* Perugini: Rigidity of Steiner's inequality for the anisotropic perimeter

* Lewintan, Neff: $L^p$-versions of the generalized Korn inequalities for incompatible  tensor fields in arbitrary dimensions with $p$-integrable exterior derivative

* Bruè, Pasqualetto, Semola: Rectifiability of RCD(K,N) spaces via $\delta$-splitting maps

* Braides, Chiadò Piat, D'Elia: An extension theorem from connected sets and homogenization of non-local functionals

* Braides, Vallocchia: Two geometric lemmas for $S^{N-1}$-valued maps and an application to the homogenization of spin systems

* Bourne, Cristoferi: Asymptotic optimality of the triangular lattice for a class of optimal location problems

--- Open Positions ---

* PhD scholarships (2 positions), NOVA University Lisbon (deadline: Fri 10 September 2021)

* Analysis and mathematical models in oncology (deadline: Fri 10 September 2021)

* Postdoctoral position at FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg (Germany) (deadline: Wed 15 September 2021)

* Professore associato di analisi matematica - Dipartimento SBAI - Sapienza Università di Roma (deadline: Thu 23 September 2021)

* Chair in Mathematics (University of Bristol) (deadline: Fri 24 September 2021)

* (NEW) PhD and Two Postdoctoral Positions at EPFL Lausanne (deadline: Tue 30 November 2021)

* Recruitment of Shing-Tung Yau Center of Southeast University (SEU-Yau Center)  Nanjing, China (deadline: Fri 11 February 2022)

* Recruitment of the Nanjing Center for Applied Mathematics(NCAM) Nanjing, China (deadline: Fri 11 February 2022)

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