[CvGmt News] Colloquium di Dipartimento - M. Del Pino (01/10/2019)

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Mon Sep 23 15:29:28 CEST 2019


Tuesday 1 October 2019 - h. 14:30
Department of Mathematics, University of Rome Tor Vergata

Aula "Roberta Dal Passo"

Speaker: Prof. Manuel Del Pino (University of Bath)
Title:    "Singularity formation and bubbling in nonlinear diffusions"

Abstract:  A fundamental question in nonlinear evolution equations is 
the analysis
of solutions which develop singularities (blow-up) in finite time or as
time goes to infinity. We review recent results on the construction of
solutions to  nonlinear parabolic PDE which exhibit this kind of
behavior in the form of "bubbling". This means solutions that at
main order look like asymptotically singular time-dependent scalings of
a fixed finite energy entire steady state. We mainly focus on the
classical two-dimensional harmonic map flow into the sphere, and the
Keller-Segel system of chemotaxis.

N.B.: This talk is part of the activity of the MIUR Excellence 
Department Project MATH at TOV CUP E83C18000100006 /

                           -  At the end of the Colloquium, there will 
be a refreshment -/



Via della Ricerca Scientifica 1
00133 Rome (Italy)

Phone: +39 06 72594668
Fax:   +39 06 72594699
e-mail: molle at mat.uniroma2.it

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