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Oggetto: 	Conference GE2MI Madrid
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Dear all,

Please find in attachment the announcement for the next conference of 
the Euro-Maghreb network in mathematics that will be held in Madrid from 
November 18 to November 22. Please feel free to share it with anyone who 
may be interested.

Kind regards,


*Conference of the Euro-Maghreb network in mathematics and their 
applications. Madrid, November 18-22, 1st announcement. *

The next conference of the Euro-Maghreb network in mathematics and their 
applications will be held in Madrid, from November 18 to November 22. 2019:


Registration is online: It is free but mandatory. Financial supports are 
available: Applicants must apply online before September 1 2019. PhD and 
post-doc students are strongly encouraged to attend the meeting and to 
apply for a financial support. Participants may propose to give a 

For any further information, please contact: François Delarue, 
delarue at unice.fr <mailto:delarue at unice.fr>

Please forward the announcement to anyone else who may be interested.

Kind regards,

The organization committee.
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