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Oggetto: 	Tenure-Track Position in PDE
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Veraar - EWI <M.C.Veraar at tudelft.nl>

Dear colleague,

Our department is advertising a tenure-track position in Partial 
Differential Equations (see http://www.mathjobs.org/jobs/jobs/13821). 
Could you bring this announcement to the attention of qualified young 
researchers who may be interested?

With best regards,

Jan van Neerven
Mark Veraar

*Delft University of Technology* (Netherlands) is advertising a*

*Tenure-Track Position in Analysis of Partial Differential Equations

*Job description*
Applications are invited for a full-time, tenure track position. The 
successful candidate will have demonstrated excellence in research and 
preferably have some experience in teaching and supervision of students. 
His/her responsibilities include:

  * Setting up a successful research programme.
  * Acquiring and managing externally funded projects.
  * Participating in our teaching programme, which includes service
    teaching for engineering students.

A Tenure Track, a process leading up to a permanent appointment with the 
prospect of becoming an Associate or full Professor, offers young, 
talented academics a clear and attractive career path. During the Tenure 
Track, you will have the opportunity to develop into an internationally 
acknowledged and recognized academic. We offer a structured career and 
personal development programme designed to offer individual academics as 
much as support as possible. For more information about the Tenure Track 
and the personal development programme, please visit 
www.tudelft.nl/tenuretrack <http://www.tudelft.nl/tenuretrack>.

The candidate is a university graduate with a PhD in Mathematics in 
partial differential equations which complements the research portfolio 
of the Analysis group in a meaningful way, preferably in an area 
connecting with harmonic analysis and dispersive PDE. He/she has a 
proven track record of excellence in his/her research field, as 
evidenced by refereed publications in top quality journals. He/she is a 
future leader in his/her field. The candidate is able to make 
significant contributions to research, is an enthusiastic team player, 
and has excellent communication skills.

*Conditions of employment*
At the start of the tenure-track you will be appointed as Assistant 
Professor for the duration of six years. Section leader, department 
leaders and you will agree upon expected performance and (soft) skills. 
You will receive formal feedback on performance and skills during annual 
assessment meetings and the mid-term evaluation. If the performance and 
skills are evaluated positively at the end of the tenure track, you will 
be appointed in a permanent Assistant Professor position. TU Delft 
offers a customisable compensation package, a discount for health 
insurance and sport memberships, and a monthly work costs contribution. 
Flexible work schedules can be arranged. An International Children’s 
Centre offers childcare and an international primary school. Dual Career 
Services offers support to accompanying partners. Salary and benefits 
are in accordance with the Collective Labour Agreement for Dutch 
Universities. TU Delft sets specific standards for the English 
competency of the teaching staff. TU Delft offers training to improve 
English competency. Inspiring, excellent education is our central aim. 
If you have less than five years of experience and do not yet have your 
teaching certificate, we allow you up to three years to obtain this.
*Contract type:* Tijdelijk, Tenure
Faculty Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science*
The Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science 
(EEMCS) is known worldwide for its high academic quality and the social 
relevance of its research programmes. The faculty’s excellent facilities 
accentuate its international position in teaching and research. Within 
this interdisciplinary and international setting the faculty employs 
more than 1100 employees, including about 400 graduate students and 
about 2100 students. Together they work on a broad range of technical 
innovations in the fields of sustainable energy, telecommunications, 
microelectronics, embedded systems, computer and software engineering, 
interactive multimedia and applied mathematics. Research at the Delft 
Institute of Applied Mathematics (DIAM) centres around the analysis of 
mathematical models arising in science and engineering. This research is 
both fundamental and applied in nature, and is often inspired by 
technical applications. The department plays an active role in 
translating research results into concrete, practical applications. It 
maintains intensive contacts with other TU Delft departments, the major 
technological institutes, and the research laboratories of major 
companies. Within its own subject field, the department provides 
teaching for the Applied Mathematics BSc and MSc programmes, and also 
contributes to the teaching of mathematics courses within other academic 
programmes at the TU Delft and within national programmes such as 
“MasterMath”. The Analysis group is one of the key research groups at 
DIAM. Internationally, the group has a long-standing tradition of 
excellence in the areas of functional analysis and partial differential 

*Additional information*
For more information about this position, please contact Prof. Jan van 
Neerven, e-mail: J.M.A.M.vanNeerven at tudelft.nl 
<mailto:J.M.A.M.vanNeerven at tudelft.nl> or Prof. Mark Veraar, e-mail: 
M.C.Veraar at tudelft.nl <mailto:M.C.Veraar at tudelft.nl>. To apply, please 
e-mail a detailed CV that includes a list of publications, contact 
information of at least three scientists whom we can contact for letters 
of recommendation, and a research and teaching statement along with a 
letter of application. You can send your application material to 
hr-eemcs at tudelft.nl <mailto:hr-eemcs at tudelft.nl> before May 15 stating 
vacancy number EWI2019-13. The job interview will be held on June 4 and 
June 6, 2019.

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