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Valeria Giuliani valeria.giuliani at sns.it
Wed Nov 7 10:16:25 CET 2018

Colloqui della Classe di Scienze - Anno Accademico 2018/2019
Mercoledì  14  Novembre  2018
ore 15:00

Sala Azzurra
Palazzo della Carovana

* Paolo Natoli* (Università di Ferrara and INFN)

*Titolo: “Exploring the early Universe through the cosmic microwave


I will present the tightest observational bounds currently available on the
early Universe, which are largely based on the legacy of the ESA Planck
satellite. The emergent cosmological picture is consistent with a simple
Lambda Cold Dark Matter (ΛCDM) model arising from an inflationary scenario.
We do see, however, small quirks in the data that may or may not hint at
new Physics. High accuracy measurements expected within the next decade,
aimed at CMB polarization, will prove critical for our understanding of the
early Universe. They are expected to push the model tests to an
unprecedented precision, shedding light on the observed anomalies, and also
to provide a direct window to Cosmic Inflation by constraining the
predicted background of primordial gravitational waves.

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