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Dear colleagues,

There will be a winter school on calculus of variations in Toulouse,
on February 11-22, with the following speakers:

Week 1:
-Dorin Bucur: A free boundary approach to spectral shape optimization
-Felix Otto: Stochastic homogenization
-Vlad Vicol: Convex integration and applications in incompressible

Week 2
-Luigi Ambrosio: Asymptotic behaviour of the matching problem via PDE
-François Delarue: TBA
-Jan Maas: Recent advances in dynamical optimal transport

If you know graduate students or postdocs who
would be interested in the winter school, please let them know about
this event. Funding is available to pay local expenses for junior
participants. Applications for funding must be sent before Nov. 30th.
Senior participants are of course also welcome.

If you have any question, or wish to participate, please write to us
at trimestre-CIMI-2019 at math.univ-toulouse.fr

The organizers,
Laure Coutin, Max Fathi, Yuxin Ge, Xavier Lamy and Mihai Maris

sans virus. www.avast.com
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