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Weekly bulletin for http://cvgmt.sns.it

--- Summary ---
* Seminars by: Tewodrose, Dondl
* New papers by: Cesaroni, Di Marino, Squassina, Rossi, Chambolle, Santambrogio, Dipierro, Valdinoci, Lučić, Merlet, Caroccia, Novaga, Bonnet, Dweik, Ferrari, Caponi,  , Van Goethem, Pasqualetto
* Modified papers by: Benamou, Nardini, Alicandro, Pallara, Garroni, Sire, Maggiani, Lussardi, Gidoni, Veneroni, Nenna, Palombaro, Ponsiglione, Marini, De Luca, Dal Maso, Lazzaroni, Crismale, Novaga, Scala, Orlando, Carlier

--- Events next week ---
* Recent advances in the Calculus of Variations and PDEs
  Thu 15 March 2018 - Thu 15 March 2018
  University of Parma

--- Seminars next week ---
Tue 13 March 2018
* David Tewodrose (Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa): Weyl's law
  Aula Seminari, Dip. di Matematica, Univ. Pisa, 18:00

Wed 14 March 2018
* Patrick W. Dondl: A Phase Field Model for Thin Elastic Structures with Topological Constraint
  Sala Semianri (Dipartimento di Matematica di Pisa), 17:00

--- New Papers ---
* Chambolle, Ferrari, Merlet: Variational approximation of size-mass energies for k-dimensional
* Cesaroni, Dipierro, Novaga, Valdinoci: Minimizers of the $p$-oscillation functional
* Caponi: Existence of solutions to a phase-field model of dynamic fracture with a crack-dependent dissipation
*  , Di Marino, Squassina: New characterizations of Sobolev metric spaces
* Dweik, Santambrogio: $L^p$ bounds for boundary-to-boundary transport densities, and $W^{1,p}$ bounds for the BV least gradient problem in 2D
* Bonnet, Rossi: The Pontryagin Maximum Principle in the Wasserstein Space
* Caroccia, Van Goethem: Damage-driven fracture with  low-order potentials: asymptotic behavior, existence and applications
* Lučić, Pasqualetto: The Serre-Swan theorem for normed modules

--- Modified Papers ---
* Novaga, Pallara, Sire: A fractional isoperimetric problem in the Wiener space
* Crismale, Lazzaroni, Orlando: Cohesive fracture with irreversibility: quasistatic evolution for a model subject to fatigue
* Lussardi, Marini, Veneroni: Stochastic homogenization of maximal monotone relations and applications
* Alicandro, De Luca, Garroni, Ponsiglione: Minimising movements for the motion of discrete screw dislocations along glide directions
* Alicandro, Dal Maso, Lazzaroni, Palombaro: Derivation of a linearised elasticity model from singularly perturbed multiwell energy functionals
* Lazzaroni, Nardini: Analysis of a dynamic peeling test with speed-dependent toughness
* Benamou, Carlier, Nenna: Generalized incompressible flows, multi-marginal transport and Sinkhorn algorithm
* Gidoni, Maggiani, Scala: Existence and regularity of solutions for an evolution model of perfectly plastic plates

--- Open Positions ---
* RTD-B in Mathematical Physics at Rome Tor Vergata (deadline: Thu 15 March 2018)

* (NEW) 2 PhD positions at WIAS, Berlin (deadline: Fri 23 March 2018)

* (NEW) Application for doctoral studies at the University of Jyväskylä. (deadline: Thu 29 March 2018)

* PhD Studentships in Analysis & Dynamical Systems at Cardiff University (deadline: Fri 30 March 2018)

* Full Professorship in Applied Mathematics WWU Münster (deadline: Sat 31 March 2018)

* Assistant professor, applied mathematics department, Ecole Polytechnique (deadline: Sat 31 March 2018)

* 7-10 Postdoc Positions in Jyväskylä (deadline: Sat 31 March 2018)

* Distinguished Postdoctoral Scholar (deadline: Sat 31 March 2018)

* 20 PhD fellowships in Paris 2018/19 - Fondation Science Mathémathiques Paris (deadline: Sun 1 April 2018)

* Lecturer in Mathematics at the University of Bath (deadline: Wed 4 April 2018)

* Post Doc positions in Trento (deadline: Thu 5 April 2018)

* 11 PhD Positions, Graduate School  IntComSin, Regensburg-Erlangen (deadline: Sun 1 July 2018)

* FAU Erlangen - 11 Doctorate Positions - Interfaces, Complex Structures and Singular Limits in Continuum Mechanics (deadline: Sun 1 July 2018)
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