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--- Summary ---
* New papers by: Tewodrose, Rossi, Prywes, Bongini, Li, Albi, Freeman, Le Donne, Sachkov, Moisala, Fässler, Orlandi, Ardentov, Pankka, Ambrosio, Luisto, Solombrino, Semola, Canevari, Bruè
* Modified papers by: Di Marino, Ambrosio, De Philippis, Salort, Iurlano, Spadaro, Comi, Cesaroni, Conti, Tilli, Chen, Torres, Valdinoci, Franceschi, Brasco, Santambrogio, Dipierro, Marchese, Stefani, Geraci, Zucco, Focardi, Novaga, Dweik

--- New Papers ---
* Tewodrose: Some functional inequalities and spectral properties of metric measure spaces with curvature bounded below
* Albi, Bongini, Rossi, Solombrino: Leader formation with mean-field birth and death models
* Ambrosio, Bruè, Semola: Rigidity of the 1-Bakry-Émery inequality and sets of finite perimeter in RCD spaces
* Canevari, Orlandi: Topological singular set of vector-valued maps, I: Applications to manifold-constrained Sobolev and BV spaces
* Canevari, Orlandi: Improved partial regularity for manifold-constrained minimisers of subquadratic energies
* Freeman, Le Donne: Toward a quasi-Möbius characterization of Invertible Homogeneous Metric Spaces
* Fässler, Le Donne: On the quasi-isometric and bi-Lipschitz classification of 3D Riemannian Lie groups
* Ardentov, Le Donne, Sachkov: Sub-Finsler geodesics on the Cartan group
* Ardentov, Le Donne, Sachkov: A sub-Finsler problem on the Cartan group
* Le Donne, Li, Moisala: Gateaux differentiability on infinite-dimensional Carnot groups
* Luisto: A Newman property for BLD-mappings
* Luisto, Pankka: Stoïlow's theorem revisited
* Luisto, Prywes: Characterization of branched covers with simplicial branch sets

--- Modified Papers ---
* De Philippis, Di Marino, Focardi: Lower semicontinuity for  non-coercive polyconvex integrals in the limit case
* Conti, Focardi, Iurlano: Phase field approximation of cohesive fracture models
* Focardi, Marchese, Spadaro: Improved estimate of the singular set of Dir-minimizing Q-valued functions via an abstract regularity result
* Conti, Focardi, Iurlano: Which special functions of bounded deformation have bounded variation?
* Focardi, Spadaro: An epiperimetric inequality for the thin obstacle problem
* Conti, Focardi, Iurlano: Existence of minimizers for the $2$d stationary Griffith fracture model
* Ambrosio, Comi: Anisotropic surface measures as limits of volume fractions
* Conti, Focardi, Iurlano: Existence of strong minimizers for the Griffith static fracture model in dimension two
* Focardi, Spadaro: On the measure and the structure of the free boundary  of the lower dimensional obstacle problem
* Conti, Focardi, Iurlano: Approximation of fracture energies with $p$-growth via piecewise affine finite elements
* Franceschi, Stefani: Symmetric double bubbles in the Grushin plane
* Cesaroni, Dipierro, Novaga, Valdinoci: Minimizers of the $p$-oscillation functional
* Dweik, Santambrogio: $L^p$ bounds for boundary-to-boundary transport densities, and $W^{1,p}$ bounds for the BV least gradient problem in 2D
* Brasco, Salort: A note on homogeneous Sobolev spaces of fractional order
* Comi: $BMO$-type norms and anisotropic surface measures
* Focardi, Geraci, Spadaro: Quasi-monotonicity formulas for classical obstacle problems with Sobolev coefficients and applications
* Tilli, Zucco: Spectral partitions for Sturm-Liouville problems
* Brasco: On principal frequencies and inradius in convex sets
* Chen, Comi, Torres: Cauchy Fluxes and Gauss-Green Formulas for Divergence-Measure Fields over General Open Sets

--- Open Positions ---
* (NEW) Post Doc in Bruxelles in Geometric Analysis (deadline: Sun 30 December 2018)

* Tenure-Track Professorship for the field of Data Driven Partial Differential Equations (deadline: Mon 7 January 2019)

* ERC Postdoctoral Position at Warwick (deadline: Mon 7 January 2019)

* SISSA Mathematical Fellowships (deadline: Tue 8 January 2019)

* Assistant Professor/ Associate Professor/ Professor in Mathematics - Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh (deadline: Wed 9 January 2019)

* 4 Post-doc positions to establish junior research groups, University of Kassel, Germany (deadline: Thu 31 January 2019)

* Tenure Track Assistant Professors in Mathematics at Utrecht University (deadline: Fri 1 February 2019)

* PhD position in Calculus of Variations with J. Matias (deadline: Wed 6 February 2019)
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