[CvGmt News] VIII Partial differential equations, optimal design and numerics 2019, Aug 18 -- Aug 30

Giuseppe Buttazzo buttazzo at dm.unipi.it
Mon Dec 17 23:27:10 CET 2018

Benasque meeting on "Partial differential equations, optimal design and 
numerics", website for registration


Dear colleague,

We are writing you to invite you to participate in the eighth edition of
the School and Workshop on "PDE's, Optimal Design and Numerics" we are
organizing in Benasque Centre for Science in the Spanish Pyrenees, 300
kilometres northwest from Barcelona next summer.

We (Buttazzo, Glass, Leugering and Zuazua) are in charge of the
coordination of the activity. The idea is to have, together with several
young researchers, a number of distinguished mathematicians on the
fields above, that can guarantee the success of the event by
contributing with lectures and discussions in the working sessions that
will be planned. This is why we are writing to ask you to join us.

If you want to learn more on the Centre you may have a look to its web


where you can also find the site of similar workshops we organized in
the Summer 2005, 2007, 2009, 2011, 2013, 2015, 2017.

The activities will be held from August 18 to August 30, 2019, with
arrival in Benasque on August 18 (Sunday) and departure on August 30
(Friday). The format of the activities in Benasque is basically the

* The total number of expected participants is about 100.

* Our idea is to leave enough time for free discussion, so the program
will consist in some lectures in the morning and one or two working
sessions in the afternoon.

* The whole thing is quite informal. The goal is to generate a dynamics
in place seeking for interdisciplinary research. We think it is a great
idea. This will allow us also to bring those collaborators who with we
are working and finish something without ever having the opportunity.

* There is a good secretary support.

* There is a computer room with a internet connection (bringing portable
computers is encouraged).

Of course, we would like you to be with us for the two weeks. But, in
case you may only stay a shorter period this is still fine provided is
not less than one week.

Benasque is a beautiful skying station in winter. We will be housing on
fully equipped apartments but Hotel is also possible if you prefer and
it is great to bring families. Indeed, the daily program provides good
moments to walk in the surrounding mountains with family and friends.

The idea is that everybody takes care of his/her own expenses, using
his/her own research funds or grants, leaving the little funds at our
disposal to support the participation of young researchers without
resources. Moreover, the Centre asks a registration fee of about 150
€. to cover all the side expenses (transport from/to Barcelona,
welcome party, coffee breaks, secretarial and computer support). Take
into account that prices in Benasque are not high and the Institute
staff can help to find the best solution.

If we could help you on getting support from your local institutions
please, let us know and we will provide an official invitation letter or
anything else for that.

In case you decide to come, please register filling the following form:

  It would be good if you could encourage young people in your group or
some close collaborators to participate too.

      Best regards,

Giuseppe Buttazzo (giuseppe.buttazzo at unipi.it)
Olivier Glass (glass at ceremade.dauphine.fr)
Guenter Leugering (leugering at math.fau.de)
Enrique Zuazua (enrique.zuazua at uam.es)

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