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--- Summary ---
* New papers by: Cesaroni, Di Marino, Gigli, Buttazzo, Champion, Soultanis, De Pascale, Bouchitté, Novaga, Scala, Van Goethem, Pasqualetto
* Modified papers by: Cesaroni, Scardicchio, Marzocchi, Stuvard, Mondino, Lussardi, Lerario, Dipierro, Rizzi, Maggi, Crasta, Boscain, Valdinoci, Bevilacqua, Durand-Cartagena, De Cicco, Lemenant, Novaga, Barilari, Agrachev

--- Events next week ---
* Junior Math Days - second edition
  Sun 16 December 2018 - Wed 19 December 2018
  SISSA, Trieste

--- New Papers ---
* Bouchitté, Buttazzo, Champion, De Pascale: Dissociating limit in Density Functional Theory with Coulomb optimal transport cost
* Scala, Van Goethem: Variational evolution of dislocations in single crystals
* Scala, Van Goethem: A variational approach to single crystals with dislocations
* Cesaroni, Novaga: Symmetric self-shrinkers for the fractional mean curvature flow
* Di Marino, Gigli, Pasqualetto, Soultanis: Infinitesimal Hilbertianity of locally ${\rm Cat}(\kappa)$-spaces

--- Modified Papers ---
* Lerario, Mondino: Homotopy properties of horizontal loop spaces and applications to closed sub-riemannian geodesics
* Barilari, Rizzi: Sub-Riemannian interpolation inequalities
* Crasta, De Cicco: Anzellotti's pairing theory and the Gauss-Green theorem
* Agrachev, Barilari, Boscain: A Comprehensive Introduction to Sub-Riemannian geometry
* Durand-Cartagena, Lemenant: Self-contracted curves are gradient flows of convex functions
* Bevilacqua, Lussardi, Marzocchi: Soap film spanning electrically repulsive elastic protein links
* Cesaroni, Dipierro, Novaga, Valdinoci: Fattening and nonfattening phenomena for planar nonlocal curvature flows
* Maggi, Scardicchio, Stuvard: Soap films with gravity and almost-minimal surfaces

--- Open Positions ---
* One Phd-student and one Postdoc position at the University of Vienna (deadline: Mon 10 December 2018)

* Assistant Professor in Analysis of Partial Differential Equations at Durham University (deadline: Fri 14 December 2018)

* Willmore Fellow in Analysis of Partial Differential Equations at Durham University (deadline: Fri 14 December 2018)

* PhD Positions at UT Austin, starting Fall 2019 (deadline: Sat 15 December 2018)

* ERC Post Doc Position at Warwick with A. Mondino (deadline: Sun 16 December 2018)

* Two Post-doc and one Ph.D. in Mean Curvature Flow, London (deadline: Sun 16 December 2018)

* Ricercatore a Tempo Indeterminato INdAM (deadline: Sun 16 December 2018)

* Assistant Professor position at KAUST (deadline: Thu 20 December 2018)

* Tenure-Track Professorship for the field of Data Driven Partial Differential Equations (deadline: Mon 7 January 2019)

* ERC Postdoctoral Position at Warwick (deadline: Mon 7 January 2019)

* SISSA Mathematical Fellowships (deadline: Tue 8 January 2019)

* Assistant Professor/ Associate Professor/ Professor in Mathematics - Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh (deadline: Wed 9 January 2019)

* 4 Post-doc positions to establish junior research groups, University of Kassel, Germany (deadline: Thu 31 January 2019)

* PhD position in Calculus of Variations with J. Matias (deadline: Wed 6 February 2019)
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