[CvGmt News] Nonlinear Analysis Conference, Roma 26-30 giugno 2017

Alfonso Sorrentino sorrentino at mat.uniroma2.it
Tue Jun 20 19:42:07 CEST 2017

NonLinerar Analysis Conference in Rome

University of Notre Dame's Rome Global Gateway
June 26-30, 2017



L. Ambrosio (SNS - Pisa)
Optimal Transport and Ricci Curvature

T. Riviere (ETH - Zurich)
Minmax Methods in the Calculus of Variations of Curves and Surfaces


A. Chang (Princeton University)

Q. Han (Notre Dame and BICMR, Peking University)

P. Laurain (Université Paris Diderot)

F. Robert (Université de Lorraine)

J. Streets (UC Irvine)

G. Tarantello (Università di Roma "Tor Vergata")

S. Terracini (Università di Torino)

J-C Wei (UBC)

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