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Subject: 5 post doc fellowships at GSSI
Date: 22-04-2017 01:10
 From: Pierangelo Marcati <pierangelo.marcati at gssi.it>

​Deadline May 15 2017​

Application to GSSI post doctoral research grants


Contact Information
If you need assistance please email
info at gssi.it.________________________________

GSSI offers 5 positions for research activity in the fields of interest
of the Institute  There is no age limit for applicants; however eligible
candidates in Mathematics  must have earned their PhD not earlier than
January 1, 2012.

Candidates who are preparing their doctoral thesis are eligible to
apply; however, they must have obtained their Ph.D degree before taking
up their appointment with GSSI.


Research Grants   The annual gross salary is € 36.000,00. Each post
doctoral research grant is intended for a duration of two years.


TOPICS   Stochastic Differential Equations. Particles systems and
macroscopic limits, statistical mechanics and phase transitions.
Mathematical theory in classical and nonclassical fluids, Nonlinear
dispersive PDEs. Dynamics and Control on Networks. Mathematical models
of collective behaviour, in biology and social sciences. Mathematical
Models in continuum mechanics of solids, fluids and biological matter.
Numerical methods for nonlinear PDEs.


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