[CvGmt News] Workshop on Optimization and Variational Analysis

buttazzo at dm.unipi.it buttazzo at dm.unipi.it
Sat Mar 12 13:19:19 CET 2016


A Workshop on Optimization and Variational analysis will take place at the
university of Alicante, on June 1-3, 2016. Everyone is welcome to attend
the workshop, which will celebrate the 70th birthday of Michel Th�ra
(Universit� de Limoges, France). This edition will basically consist of
4 plenary talks of 50 minutes delivered by Profs. Heinz Bauschke, Jonathan
Borwein, Regina Burachick and Ivar Ekeland, 24 invited talks of 35
minutes, and a poster session.The  principal aim of the workshop  is to
establish contacts and to improve the background of the involved groups in
the tools and techniques of optimization and variational analysis, as well
as related topics like vector optimization, generalized differentiation,
and functional analysis, among others.
Students are welcome to  present a poster in the poster session.

More details can be found in the website of the meeting:


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