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Thu Mar 10 10:03:58 CET 2016

Geometric aspects of PDE's and functional inequalities


Date: Thursday, Apr 28, 2016 -- Saturday, Apr 30, 2016

Place: Cortona (AR) - ITALY, Palazzone

The aim of the workshop is to discuss about geometric aspects of PDE’s and functional inequalities. More precisely we will focus the attention on optimization problems, spectral analysis, existence, uniqueness, a priori estimates for solutions to boundary value problems and sharp functional inequalities.

There will be 16 lectures as well as a poster session.
All the participants can submit title and abstract for a poster sending an email to the organizers. 

SPONSOR: FIRB 2013, "Geometrical and qualitative aspects of PDE's"

Organizing Commitee: C. Bianchini, F. Della Pietra, N. Gavitone

Invited Speakers: V. Agostiniani, G. Croce, G. di Blasio, N. Ioku, J. Kennedy, H. Kovarik, J. Lamboley, M. Marini, D. Mazzoleni, E. Parini, S. Patrizi, N. Popoff, Y. Privat, B. Ruffini, L. Slavikova, C. Xia

workshop website: http://wpage.unina.it/f.dellapietra/cortona2016/index.html

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