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Weekly bulletin for http://cvgmt.sns.it

--- Summary ---
* Seminars by: Carioni, Mora
* New papers by: Yip, Massaccesi, Pisante, Brasco, Buttazzo, Verde, Braides, Walkington, Schimperna, Velichkov, Scala, Cristoferi, Bellido, Liu, De Philippis, Cicalese, Leone, Oudet, Rindler, Lu
* Modified papers by: Goldman, Erhardt, Chambolle, Solci, Bardi, Rajala, Rossi, Cavalletti, Ruf, Pallara, Cesaroni, Sire, Braides, Calvo, Valdinoci, Orlandi, Brasco, Santambrogio, Cicalese, Massaccesi, Scotti, Okabe, Jalalzai, Paolini, Novaga, Solombrino, Castorina, Caselles

--- Events next week ---
* Geometric aspects of PDE's and functional inequalities
  Thu 28 April 2016 - Sat 30 April 2016
  Cortona (AR) - ITALY, Palazzone

--- Seminars next week ---
Thu 28 April 2016
* Marcello Carioni: Calibrations for the Mumford-Shah functional
  sala riunioni, dipartimento di matematica di Pisa, 15:00

* Maria Giovanna Mora (Dip. Mat. Univ. Pavia): Relaxation of the Hencky Model in Perfect Plasticity
  Sala Riunioni Dipartimento di Matematica di Pisa, 16:00

--- New Papers ---
* Bellido, Buttazzo, Velichkov: Worst-case shape optimization for the Dirichlet energy
* De Philippis, Rindler: Characterization of Young measures  generated by functions of bounded deformation
* Cristoferi: A second order local minimality criterion for the triple junction singularity of the Mumford-Shah functional
* Brasco, Leone, Pisante, Verde: Sobolev and Lipschitz regularity for local minimizers of widely degenerate anisotropic functionals
* Brasco, De Philippis: Spectral inequalities in quantitative form
* Massaccesi, Oudet, Velichkov: Numerical Calibration of Steiner trees
* Scala, Schimperna: On the viscous Cahn-Hilliard equation with singular potential and inertial term
* Liu, Lu, Walkington: Analysis of a dislocation model for earthquakes 
* Braides, Cicalese, Yip: Crystalline Motion of Interfaces Between Patterns

--- Modified Papers ---
* Novaga, Paolini: Stability of Crystalline Evolutions
* Chambolle, Goldman, Novaga: Representation, relaxation and convexity for variational problems in Wiener spaces
* Caselles, Jalalzai, Novaga: On the jump set of solutions of the Total Variation flow
* Chambolle, Goldman, Novaga: Plane-like minimizers and differentiability of the stable norm
* Erhardt: Existence of solutions to parabolic problems with nonstandard growth and irregular obstacles
* Erhardt: Higher integrability for solutions to parabolic problems with irregular obstacles and nonstandard growth
* Bardi, Cesaroni, Scotti: Convergence in Multiscale Financial Models with Non-Gaussian Stochastic Volatility
* Novaga, Pallara, Sire: A symmetry result for degenerate elliptic equations on the Wiener space  with nonlinear boundary conditions and applications
* Cavalletti, Rajala: Tangent lines and Lipschitz differentiability spaces
* Massaccesi, Valdinoci: Is a nonlocal diffusion strategy convenient for biological populations in competition?
* Cicalese, Ruf, Solombrino: Chirality transitions in frustrated $S^{2}$-valued spin systems
* Calvo, Novaga, Orlandi: Parabolic equations in time dependent domains
* Braides, Solci: Motion of discrete interfaces through mushy layers
* Novaga, Okabe: The two obstacle problem for the parabolic biharmonic equation
* Castorina, Cesaroni, Rossi: On a  parabolic Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman equation degenerating at the boundary
* Brasco, Santambrogio: A note on some Poincaré inequalities on convex sets by Optimal Transport methods
* Cesaroni, Novaga: Volume constrained minimizers of the fractional perimeter with a potential energy

--- Open Positions ---
* Visiting Assistant Professorships at the University of Cincinnati (deadline: Thu 30 June 2016)

* PhD studentship on Numerical methods for higher-order nonlinear partial differential equations (deadline: Thu 1 September 2016)
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