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Dear colleagues,

I probably already told you about the optimization master program that we
recently created in Paris-Saclay.

Here attached you will find an advertisement poster including a F.A.Q.
especially intended for foreign students (note that the courses of our
master program are all in English). You are very welcome to circulate it,
and/or print it and put it in your department.

Let me underline, for those who could share similar interests as mine, that
this program is very broad and could be suitable for students willing to
study calculus of variations. Arrangement so as to include a course on
Elliptic PDEs from the PDE program are possible, and a cursus with Elliptic
PDEs, Calculus of Variations, Optimal control of ODEs and PDEs, Optimal
Transport, and some game theory and continuous optimization algorithms
could be of interest for them.

By the way, there is still possibility to apply for a scholarship !

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