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--- Summary ---
* Events: Fall Semester 2015 in Analysis, Lyon
* New papers by: Paroni, Ferrari, Del Pino , Morandotti, Hornung, Davila, Otto, Bonaschi, Baroni, Freddi, Mora, Lindfors, Pratelli, Cinti, van Meurs* Modified papers by: Bouchut, Paroni, Mora-Corral, Nitsch, Brasco, Freddi, Bohun, Tan , Henao, Caroccia, Davini, Barchiesi, Fusco, Cinti, Crippa, Trombetti
--- Events ---
Fall Semester 2015 in Analysis, Lyon
Tuesday 1 sep 2015 -- Thursday 31 dec 2015
Lyon, France
From September 1 to December 31, 2015 a semester in Analysis will take place in Lyon, France, with the following main events:

- Workshop Analysis in Lyon (October 26-30, 2015); on Thursday October 29, Luigi Ambrosio will be awarded a "doctorat honoris causa" from the École normale supérieure de Lyon.

- Winter school on nonlinear function spaces in mathematics and physical sciences (December 14-18, 2015)

During the semester, the École normale supérieure de Lyon and the Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 will host short and long term visitors. 

The scientific committee of the semester is the following:

- Stefano Bianchini (SISSA Trieste)

- Albert Fathi (École normale supérieure de Lyon)

- Alessio Figalli (University of Texas at Austin)

- Petru Mironescu (Université Lyon 1)

--- New Papers ---
* Freddi, Hornung, Mora, Paroni: A corrected Sadowsky functional for inextensible elastic ribbons
* Cinti, Otto: Interpolation inequalities in pattern formation
* Cinti, Davila, Del Pino : Solution of the fractional Allen-Cahn equation which are invariant under screw motion
* Cinti, Ferrari: Geometric inequalities for fractional Laplace operators and applications
* Bonaschi, Morandotti, van Meurs: Dynamics of screw dislocations: a generalised minimising-movements scheme approach
* Pratelli: On the bi-Sobolev planar homeomorphisms and their approximation
* Baroni, Lindfors: The Cauchy-Dirichlet problem for a general class of parabolic equations
--- Modified Papers ---
* Davini, Freddi, Paroni: Linear composite thin-walled beams by $\Gamma$-convergence. Part I: open cross-sections
* Brasco, Nitsch, Trombetti: An inequality à la Szego-Weinberger for the $p-$Laplacian on convex sets
* Davini, Freddi, Paroni: Linear models for composite thin-walled beams by {$\boldsymbol\Gamma$}--convergence. Part II: closed cross-sections
* Bohun, Bouchut, Crippa: Lagrangian solutions to the Vlasov-Poisson system with $L^1$ density
* Caroccia: Cheeger $N$-clusters
* Barchiesi, Henao, Mora-Corral: Local invertibility in Sobolev spaces with applications to nematic elastomers and magnetoelasticity
* Fusco: The quantitative isoperimetric inequality and related topics
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