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--- Summary ---
* Seminars by: Catino, Ruiz
* New papers by: Di Marino, Carlen, Ambrosio, Mazzieri, Cremaschi, Catino, Petrache, Crismale, Mantegazza, Maggi, Colombo, Djadli, Nicolodi, Mucci, Mészáros, Mingione, Lemenant, Ghezzi, Dondl, Wojtowytsch* Modified papers by: Di Marino, Ambrosio, Radici, Mantegazza, Lussardi, Santambrogio, Crismale, Röger, Velichkov, Müller, De Philippis, Pratelli, Mészáros, Figalli, Colombo
--- Seminars next week ---
* Wednesday 22 jul 2015

time: 14:00
Scuola Normale Superiore,  Aula Bianchi Scienze
Rigidity of critical metrics for quadratic curvature functionals
Giovanni Catino (Dip. Mat. Pol. Milano)
Abstract. In this talk I will discuss some recent rigidity results concerning critical metrics for quadratic curvature functionals, involving the Ricci and the scalar curvature, on the space of Riemannian metrics, both in the compact and in the non compact case.

* Thursday 23 jul 2015

Scuola Normale Superiore,  Aula Bianchi Scienze
A rigidity result for overdetermined elliptic problem in  the plane
David Ruiz 
Abstract. In this talk we consider an overdetermined elliptic problem posed in an unbounded domain of the plane. This kind of problems appears in many different contexts, like free boundary problems, obstacle problems and optimization.

We prove that if the boundary of the domain is connected and unbounded the domain must be a half-plane. This gives an anwer to a question raised by Berestycki, Caffarelli and Nirenberg in 1997.
This is joint work with Antonio Ros (U. Granada) and P. Sicbaldi (U. Aix Marseille).

--- New Papers ---
* Di Marino, Mészáros: Uniqueness issues for evolutive equations with density constraints
* Petrache: Decorrelation as an avatar of convexity
* Catino, Cremaschi, Djadli, Mantegazza, Mazzieri: The Ricci-Bourguignon flow
* Dondl, Lemenant, Wojtowytsch: Phase field models for thin elastic structures with topological constraint
* Ambrosio, Ghezzi: Sobolev and Bounded Variation Functions on Metric Measure Spaces
* Carlen, Maggi: Stability for the Brunn-Minkowski and Riesz rearrangement inequalities, with applications to Gaussian concentration and finite range non-local isoperimetry
* Crismale: Globally stable quasistatic evolution for strain gradient plasticity coupled with damage
* Colombo, Mingione: Calderón-Zygmund Estimates and Non-uniformly Elliptic Operators
* Mucci, Nicolodi: On the Landau-de Gennes elastic energy of constrained biaxial nematics
--- Modified Papers ---
* Mantegazza, Müller: Perelman's Entropy Functional at Type I Singularities of the Ricci Flow
* Ambrosio, Colombo, Di Marino: Sobolev spaces in metric measure spaces: reflexivity and lower semicontinuity of slope
* Crismale: Globally stable quasistatic evolution for a coupled elastoplastic–damage model
* De Philippis, Mészáros, Santambrogio, Velichkov: BV estimates in optimal transportation and applications
* Ambrosio, Colombo, Figalli: On the Lagrangian structure of transport equations: the Vlasov-Poisson system
* Lussardi, Röger: Gamma convergence of a family of surface-director bending energies with small tilt
* Pratelli, Radici: On the piecewise approximation of bi-Lipschitz curves
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