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--- Summary ---
* New papers by: Prinari, Friedrich, Marchese, Franchi, Schmidt, Bove, De Lellis* Modified papers by: Sbordone, Mingione, Li, Moscariello, Durand-Cartagena, Fusco, Colombo--- New Papers ---
* Friedrich: A Korn-Poincare-type inequality for special functions of bounded deformation
* Friedrich, Schmidt: A quantitative geometric rigidity result in SBD
* Friedrich: A derivation of linearized Griffith energies from nonlinear models
* Friedrich: A Korn-type inequality in  SBD for functions with small jump sets
* De Lellis: The size of the singular set of area-minimizing currents
* Bove, Franchi: On the notion of differential forms in sub-Riemannian manifolds and pull-back invariance
* Prinari:  On the  lower semicontinuity and approximation of $L^\infty$-functionals
* Marchese: Residually many BV homeomorphisms map a null set in a set of full measure
--- Modified Papers ---
* Durand-Cartagena, Li: Preservation of bounded geometry under sphericalization and flattening: quasiconvexity and $\infty$-Poincaré inequality
* Colombo, Mingione: Bounded minimisers of double phase variational integrals
* Fusco, Moscariello, Sbordone: A formula for the total variation of SBV functions
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