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--- Summary ---
* Seminars by: Chambolle
* New papers by: Masnou, Bretin, Henrot, Pratelli, Acciaio, Saracco, Dalphin, Takahashi, Leonardi* Modified papers by: Ambrosio, Fonseca, Puglisi, Pratelli, Krejcirik, Cinti, Flandoli, Cesaroni, Beiglböck, Maggiani, Morgan, Valdinoci, Figalli, Nitsch, Brasco, Dal Maso, Velichkov, Mazzoleni, Beck, Dacorogna, Fusco, Carlotto, Massaccesi, Marcellini, Mora Corral, Bucur, Maggi, Daneri, Paolini, Novaga, Scala, Antonietti, Van Goethem, Schmidt, Zwicknagel
--- Seminars next week ---
* Thursday 26 feb 2015

time: 17:00
Dipartimento di Matematica, Sala seminari
Korn-Poincaré inequalities for functions with a small jump set
Antonin Chambolle     We show hos the gradient of SBD functions can control, on "most" of the domain, their global behaviour (up to a rigid motion), provided the jump set is not too large.
This is a joint work with Sergio Conti and Gilles Francfort.

--- New Papers ---
* Leonardi, Pratelli: On the Cheeger sets in strips and non-convex domains
* Pratelli: A survey on the existence of isoperimetric sets in the space $\mathbb R^N$ with density
* Acciaio, Pratelli: On the minimization of area among chord-convex sets
* Pratelli, Saracco: On the generalized Cheeger problem and an application to 2d strips
* Bretin, Masnou: A new phase field model for inhomogeneous minimal partitions, and applications to droplets dynamics
* Dalphin, Henrot, Masnou, Takahashi: On the minimization of total mean curvature
--- Modified Papers ---
* Figalli, Maggi, Pratelli: Sharp stability theorems for the anisotropic Sobolev and log-Sobolev inequalities on functions of bounded variation
* Beck: Regularity versus singularity for elliptic problems in two dimensions
* Figalli, Maggi, Pratelli: A Geometric Approach to Correlation Inequalities in the Plane
* Beiglböck, Pratelli: Duality for rectified Cost Functions
* Figalli, Maggi, Pratelli: A mass transportation approach to quantitative isoperimetric inequalities
* Fusco, Maggi, Pratelli: On the isoperimetric problem with respect to a mixed Euclidean-Gaussian density
* Beck, Flandoli: A regularity theorem for quasilinear parabolic systems under random perturbations
* Antonietti, Pratelli: Finite Element Approximation of the Sobolev Constant
* Krejcirik, Pratelli: The Cheeger constant of curved strips
* Daneri, Pratelli: A planar bi-Lipschitz extension Theorem
* Brasco, Pratelli: Sharp stability of some spectral inequalities
* Dacorogna, Marcellini, Paolini: Functions with orthogonal Hessian
* Fusco, Pratelli: On a conjecture by Auerbach
* Ambrosio, Carlotto, Massaccesi: Lecture Notes on Partial Differential Equations
* Figalli, Maggi, Pratelli: A refined Brunn-Minkowski inequality for convex sets
* Daneri, Pratelli: Smooth approximation of bi-Lipschitz orientation-preserving homeomorphisms
* Mazzoleni, Pratelli: Existence of minimizers for spectral problems
* Brasco, Nitsch, Pratelli: On the boundary of the attainable set of the Dirichlet spectrum
* Cesaroni, Novaga, Valdinoci: A symmetry result for the Ornstein-Uhlenbeck operator
* Mora Corral, Pratelli: Approximation of piecewise affine homeomorphisms by diffeomorphisms
* Morgan, Pratelli: Existence of isoperimetric regions in $\mathbb R^n$ with density
* Cinti, Pratelli: The $\varepsilon-\varepsilon^\beta$ property, the boundedness of isoperimetric sets in $\mathbb R^N$ with density, and some applications
* Pratelli, Puglisi: Elastic deformations on the plane and approximations
* Dal Maso, Scala: Quasistatic evolution in perfect plasticity as limit of dynamic processes
* Bucur, Mazzoleni, Pratelli, Velichkov: Lipschitz regularity of the eigenfunctions on optimal domains
* Fonseca, Pratelli, Zwicknagel: Shapes of epitaxially grown quantum dots
* Maggiani, Scala, Van Goethem: A compatible-incompatible decomposition of symmetric tensors in Lp with application to elasticity
* Beck, Schmidt: Interior gradient regularity for BV minimizers of singular variational problems
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