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Opening of the third call for applications for the Poincaré Chair

Henri Poincaré Institute (Paris 5th)
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*The Poincaré chair offers young promising researchers ideal working
conditions to develop their audacious research projects and base their
international recognition.*

The Henri Poincaré Institute
Paris 5th) is inviting applications for the Poincaré Chair, a programme
that enables exceptionally talented young mathematicians to make the most
of their qualities thanks to excellent working conditions. The Poincaré
Chair owes its establishment, and its funding for the next four years, to
the Clay Mathematics Institute (CMI, Providence, Rhode Island) and the
prize money it awarded for the resolution of the Poincaré Conjecture.

*Jason Miller*
professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA) and *Daniel
professor at the Department of Mathematics & Statistics, McGill University
(Montreal, Canada) are the two laureates and will hold the position in the
2015/2016 academic year. These two young scientists are thus given a great
opportunity to consolidate their brilliant early-career, just as in 1993
the celebrated Grigori Perelman was offered the support of a chair at the
Miller Institute in Berkeley (...)


    [image: Poincare]

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