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--- Summary ---
* New papers by: Scilla, Gigli, Davini, Spector, Han, Psaradakis, Freddi, Marchese, Massaccesi, Paroni, Alicandro, Gelli* Modified papers by: Giacomelli, Ambrosio, De Pascale, Marchese, Freddi, Logaritsch, Davini, Maggi, Paroni, De Philippis, Trevisan, Santambrogio, Louet--- New Papers ---
* Gigli, Han: Independence on p of weak upper gradients on RCD spaces
* Scilla: Motion of discrete interfaces on the triangular lattice
* Davini, Freddi, Paroni: Linear models for composite thin-walled beams by {$\boldsymbol\Gamma$}--convergence. Part II: closed cross-sections
* Psaradakis, Spector: A Leray-Trudinger Inequality
* Alicandro, Gelli: Local and non local continuum limits of Ising type energies for spin systems
* Marchese, Massaccesi: An optimal irrigation network with infinitely many branching points
--- Modified Papers ---
* Davini, Freddi, Paroni: Linear composite thin-walled beams by $\Gamma$-convergence. Part I: open cross-sections
* Giacomelli: Finite speed of propagation and waiting-time phenomena for degenerate parabolic equations with linear growth Lagrangian
* Ambrosio, Trevisan: Well posedness of Lagrangian flows and continuity equations in metric measure spaces
* Logaritsch, Marchese: Kirszbraun's extension theorem fails for Almgren's multiple valued functions
* De Pascale, Louet, Santambrogio: A first analysis of the Monge problem with vanishing gradient penalization
* De Philippis, Maggi: Dimensional estimates for singular sets in geometric variational problems with free boundaries
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