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cari colleghi, vi mando una copia di una lettera ricevuta da due Matematici ed accademici Russi, non so cosa possiamo fare oltre a farla circolare. Forse sottoscrivere una lettera da inviare all'indirizzo che  ci mandano. La lettera potrebbe essere del tipo

Dear Minister, we hear from our distinguished colleagues  that it is in act a deep transformation of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

We  do not want to enter into the details of this plan but want to firmly stress  the fact that, when touching such old and distinguished institutions, one should do it with extreme care and full involvement of the scientific community.  Such reforms, when done only by bureaucrats and politicians destroy traditions and do not build anything useful for the future. Needless to say that, even in the most obscure years of the past, the academic institutions of Russia and the Soviet Union have always carried a high and unique scholarly tradition.

We hope that hasty and not well planned "reforms"  will not destroy what centuries of scholarly work has built.  Sincerely yours 

se volete aderire mandatemi una mail con  nome cognome e  titolo accademico, che io possa facilmente copiare ed incollare.

                                                                                   Moscow, June 29, 2013
Dear Professor Procesi,
On Thursday, June 27, 2013 the Russian Government unexpectedly discussed and approved the draft law on liquidation of the Russian Academy of Sciences founded in 1725 and on creating on its basis a new public organization. All the existing institutions of our Academy are offered to move away from the new organization, to subordinate them to a special administrative Government agency, and to subject to a selection compliant with certain conditions defined solely by this agency. A very negative experience of such a selection made by Government officials was demonstrated last fall during monitoring of the educational institutions in Russia. Many popular and highly reputed universities have been declared ineffective according to the rules that in fact have little to do with assessing real scientific level.

Another unpleasant aspect of this situation is that the draft law, which fundamentally changes the system of science organization in Russia, has been prepared and examined without discussion with the scientific community. Even the public structures created by the Ministry of Education and Science for consultations with the representatives of the scientific community have not been involved in a discussion of the draft law and have not been informed on its existence. The Academy also has not been informed on the existence of the project.

This law has already been submitted to the Parliament of the Russian Federation and is asked to be approved on the next week. After the acceptance of this law, a liquidation process of the Academy should be completed within three months.

We ask you to express your opinion about the destruction of the Russian Academy of Sciences. You can send it to the address of the Department of Mathematics of the Academy (with a copy to us) om at ras.ru. Unfortunately, the matter is urgent.

We would be very grateful for your support in this difficult for science in Russia time.

                                                               A. N. Parshin,
                                                                    V. L.Popov

 Claudio Procesi,  Professore Emerito,

 Dipartimento di Matematica, G. Castelnuovo

Membro dell'Accademia dei Lincei

Università  di Roma La Sapienza, piazzale A. Moro  00185,
Roma, Italia
 fax 0039-06-44701007

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