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Subject: Master Bezout scholarships

Dear Colleague, cher Coll?gue

I wrote to some of you a few weeks ago about the Bezout Scholarships which are 
offered by the Universit? Paris-Est, which offer a 9 month scholarship of 
1300Euros/month to complete the first year of a graduate  program (M2 in french 
terminology) in math and/or computer science, after which the student is 
expected to apply for a PhD scholarship.

It turns out the number of candidates this year is lower than usual, and thus 
the deadline for application has been extended by 2 weeks. This is a great 
opportunity for a student interested in studying math or computer science in 
the Paris area.

For further info, see


or contact me or Cyril Nicaud (Cyril.Nicaud at univ-mlv.fr).

Best regards,
Etienne Sandier

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