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Subject: Second announcement : "Launch of the Chaire Poincaré" - Institut Henri Poincaré (Paris, V)

Launch of the Poincaré Chair
Institut Henri Poincaré (Paris, V°)

The Poincaré Chair owes its creation and its existence for the next five years to the reward the Clay Mathematics Institute, http://www.claymath.org/ (CMI, Providence, Rhode Island) has reserved for the solution of the Poincaré Conjecture.

The aim of this program, started in January 2013 by the Henri Poincaré Institute, http://www.ihp.fr/ (Paris, V°), is to allow young talented mathematicians to develop their skills in outstanding working conditions... just like Grigori Perelman benefited from a chair from the Miller Institute in Berkeley (California, USA) at the beginning of his career.

This research program of a *6 month or 1 year* duration comes with *a generous salary, an ideal mathematical environment in Paris, and no obligations* ; it is open to all thematics in mathematics.

The objective is to give young researchers on the edge of a promising international career the means to develop deep and audacious research projects, as well as to base their international recognition.

If you have any questions, please send an email to Sylvie Lhermitte via the following general email address: poincarechair at ihp.fr.

For more information http://www.ihp.fr/en/PoincareChair

	Clay Mathematics Institute
	Institut Henri Poincaré


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