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CiM Junior Research Groups 


Deadline: Monday, Oct 15, 2012

Independent CiM Junior Research Groups with flexible funding to cover the salary of the applicant plus staff and running costs will be established for up to 5 years. Applications are strongly encouraged in fields relevant
to the CiM concept (see http://www.uni-muenster.de/CiMIC/), including:
- biophysical aspects of cell dynamics
- cell-cell and/or cellmatrix interactions
- cell migration and /or differentiation
- mathematical modelling of biological systems
- protein and/or lipid biochemistry and biophysics
- intracellular dynamics
- high resolution optical and non-optical imaging to study cell biology.

The junior group leaders will be eligible to apply for additional funding to cover the costs
of specific CiM-related projects and for participation in the CiM Graduate and Postgraduate Programmes. The groups will be located in a CiM building and,
while scientifically independent, will be associated with a CiM laboratory to ensure the proper infrastructure and stimulating scientific environment.

The CiM Junior Research Groups will also be supported by the Careers in Motion Gender Equality and Diversity Promoting Programmes. CiM will instigate gender
equality and diversity promoting programmes to support its interdisciplinary and diverse nature which
brings together scientists with expertise in different fields and of different genders,
family status and ethnic backgrounds.

Please send CV, list of publications and your concept of how you could bring even more motion into CiM by October 15th, 2012. 

Cells in Motion  CiM
Cluster of Excellence
Mendelstrae 11
D-48149 Mnster

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