[CvGmt News] Avviso Colloquio De Giorgi prof. Yves Andre'

Valeria Giuliani giuliani at sns.it
Thu Nov 10 10:31:33 CET 2011

Colloquio De Giorgi

Martedì 22 Novembre 2011
ore 16.00


Scuola Normale Superiore


(Sala Stemmi)

Yves Andre'

Ecole Normale Supèrieure di Parigi.


Terrà un seminario dal titolo:


 “Galois theory beyond algebraic numbers and algebraic functions”




Classical applications of Galois theory concern algebraic numbers and algebraic functions. Still, the night before his duel, Galois wrote that his last mathematical thoughts had been directed toward applying his "theory of ambiguity to transcendental functions and transcendental quantities". In this talk, we will outline some recent ideas and results in this direction.





Tutti gli interessati sono invitati a partecipare


Classe di Scienze

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