[CvGmt News] Colloquio De Giorgi e seminario Ekeland

Luigi Ambrosio l.ambrosio at sns.it
Mon Mar 14 09:43:09 CET 2011

Ennio De Giorgi Colloquium and seminar


CEREMADE et Institut de Finance
Universitè Paris-Dauphine

Aula Dini, Scuola Normale Superiore

22 Marzo 2011

14.00-15.00. Colloquio De Giorgi
15.00-15.30. Coffee break Seminar

Title: An inverse function theorem in C^\infty

Abstract: We state and prove a "hard" inverse function theorem which
extends the classical theorem of Nash and Moser. In contrast with the
latter, we do not use the Newton iteration procedure, so we do not
require that the function to be inverted is C^2, or even C^1, or even
Frechet-differentiable. The proof is direct, and relies on Ekeland's
variational principle. During the colloquium, we will explain the method
and prove the theorem in the "easy"  case  (Banach spaces) and during
the afterwards seminar we will provide the proof in the "hard" case 
(Frechet spaces)

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