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Luigi Ambrosio l.ambrosio at sns.it
Tue Mar 8 08:15:24 CET 2011

Dear Luigi,

Please find enclosed below a formal announcement of a summer school I am 
running together with David Fisher and Robert Young this summer in 
Bloomington, Indiana, USA.

If you have any students or postdocs who might be interested, please 
send it on to them and encourage them to come.  Also feel free to 
forward it to other potentially interested students and postdocs.

With kind regards,


Summer school on Filling invariants and asymptotic geometry
Indiana University, Bloomington
July 24-29, 2011

A remarkable feature of geometric group theory is the fact that the
asymptotic geometry of a space is often closely connected to its
filling invariants -- for example, hyperbolic groups are exactly those
with linear Dehn function. In this summer school, we will study
several recent results which develop and use the connections between
filling invariants and asymptotic geometry. We'll focus especially on
results that use new geometric techniques and results to study Dehn
functions and higher-order Dehn functions and results that connect
filling invariants to asymptotic cones.

Some topics may include:
* Nilpotent groups and Carnot-Carath\'{e}odory spaces
* Symmetric spaces and solvable groups
* Nonpositively curved spaces
* Gromov's systolic theorem

Structure of the workshop/summer school.

Participants should be prepared to play an active role by giving
1-2 hours of lecture, and engaging in discussion.  The lecture topics
will be distributed well in advance to allow ample time for preparation.
It is desirable for participants to be familiar/comfortable with
one (or more) of the following topics:

1) CAT(0) spaces and hyperbolic groups
2) isoperimetric inequalities, Dehn functions and higher-order Dehn 
3) Lie groups, lattices, symmetric spaces
4) Asymptotic cones
5) Geometric measure theory on metric spaces

For more information, see the summer school webpage


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