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Dear Colleagues,

This is the first announcement of the workshop

   << Higher Order Equations in Geometry and Physics >>

to be held at SISSA in Trieste, on May 30 - June 2, 2011.

The goal of the meeting is to explore different aspects of higher
order equations, arising both in pure and applied mathematics.

The workshop will consist of four mini-courses and ten research
seminars, plus possibly some contributions from young researchers
in the form of poster presentations.

For information, please visit the website


or contact the organizers.

Funds are available to cover the local expenses of a few Ph.D.
students or young researchers. The deadline to apply for funding
is April 10th, 2011 (decisions will be made by April 15th).

All participants, supported or not, are required to register by
April 20th, 2011, using the online form on the web site.

We hope you can help us to advertise the meeting by forwarding
this message to students, young researchers and colleagues who might
be interested.  We also attach a poster in pdf form for
you to post in your department: the poster is also available on the
web site mentioned above.

Best regards

    Matt Gursky and Andrea Malchiodi
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