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Mon Jan 4 18:33:28 CET 2010

Intensive Research Month on Hyperbolic Conservation Laws and Fluid    Dynamics

   *** Intensive Research Month on Hyperbolic Conservation Laws and Fluid
   Dynamics ***

   ^^^^ webpage: http://www.unipr.it/~crigia55/intensive.html ^^^^

   This intensive research period will take place at the Department of
   Mathematics of the University of Parma (Italy) throughout the whole
   month of February 2010. This event is funded by the ERC grant
   "Vectorial Problems" 207573 and by the University of Zuerich. In the
   subsequent months some more activities (on regularity results and
   qualitative properties for elliptic and parabolic vectorial problems)
   are also planned to take place in Parma. Organizing Committee: Emilio
   Acerbi (Parma), Claudio Arezzo (Parma), Gianluca Crippa (Parma),
   Camillo De Lellis (Zuerich) and Giuseppe Mingione (Parma).

   Our schedule includes one-week courses given by:

   - First week (Feb. 1-5): Diego Cordoba (Madrid) - TBA Laure
   Saint-Raymond (ENS Paris) - "Mathematical models for large-scale

   - Second week (Feb. 8-12): Stefano Bianchini (SISSA Trieste) - TBA
   Eduard Feireisl (Praha) - "Qualitative properties of solutions to
   energetically isolated fluid systems"

   - Fourth week (Feb. 22-26): Constantine Dafermos (Brown University) -
   "Hyperbolic Conservation Laws and Continuum Physics" Denis Serre (ENS
   Lyon) - "Viscous dissipation in systems of conservation laws"

   In the third week (since February 15 through February 19) a workshop
   will be organized. Here is a list of invited speakers:

   Giovanni Alberti (Pisa - Italy) - Luigi Ambrosio * (Pisa - Italy) -
   Fabio Ancona (Padova - Italy) - Luigi Carlo Berselli (Pisa - Italy) -
   Yann Brenier (Nice - France) - Gui-Qiang Chen * (Evanston - USA) -
   Francois Golse (Paris - France) - Helge Holden (Trondheim - Norway) -
   Pierre-Emmanuel Jabin (Nice - France) - Francois James (Orleans -
   France) - Philippe G. LeFloch (Paris - France) - Pierangelo Marcati
   (L'Aquila - Italy) - Roberto Natalini (Roma - Italy) - Mario Pulvirenti
   (Roma - Italy) - Giovanni Russo (Catania - Italy) - Eitan Tadmor
   (College Park - USA) - Athanasios E. Tzavaras (College Park - USA) [*
   to be confirmed].

   The detailed schedule will be soon available at:


   Registration is free, but mandatory, for organization purposes. We
   shall also welcome contributed communications, mainly by young students
   and researchers, in particular during the weeks in which the courses
   will take place. The deadline for abstract submission is January 24.

Reference: http://www.unipr.it/~crigia55/intensive.html
Reference: gianluca.crippa at unipr.it

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