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Oggetto: Post-doc positions in Napoli
Da:      "Nicola Fusco" <n.fusco at unina.it>
Data:    Mar, 27 Aprile 2010 3:57 pm
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Dear Collegue,

I would like to inform you that two post-doc positions in  Napoli are
available to carry on researches on

Analytic and Geometric techniques in Calculus of Variations and
Partial Differential equations

funded by my ERC project  226234-AnTeGeFI

Each position will start from the september 2009 and will last two
years. The deadline for applications is the 29th of may 2009.

For all information on how to apply, please visit the webpage of the
project at the address


and then go to 'Positions'.

Best regards,

Nicola Fusco
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