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Subject: SECOND WORKSHOP ON THIN STRUCTURES (Naples, September 9-11, 2010)
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SECOND WORKSHOP ON THIN STRUCTURES (Naples, September 9-11, 2010)

J.-F. Babadjian, D. Blanchard, J. Casado-Diaz,
I. Fonseca, I. Fragalà, L. Freddi,
N. Fusco, G. Griso, R. Hadiji,
A.G. Kolpakov, H. Le Dret, M. Luna-Laynez,
L. Mascarenhas, M.G. Mora, G. Panasenko,
R. Paroni, D. Percivale, E. Sanchez-Palencia,
P. Seppecher.


The Workshop will take place at the convent: "Istituto
Piccole Ancelle di Cristo Re" Via Posillipo 222 - 80123 Napoli -

The workshop will begin on Thursday, September 9, in the
morning, and close in the early afternoon of Saturday, September 11.

The registration is free, but compulsory. Due to the size of
the conference room, the number of participants will be limited. The
persons who wish to participate in the workshop should return by
e-mail the application form (see the website) to

gaudiello at unicas.it

before Mai 31, 2010. The organizers will let them know by June 6,
2010, whether their application is accepted or not.

No registration fees are requested, but participants have to
support their local and travel expenses.

Please circulate this information to everybody interested.

Umberto De Maio, Antonio Gaudiello and Francois Murat
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