[CvGmt News] Seminar Announcement

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Mon Mar 2 15:47:30 CET 2009

Prossimo seminario:

Giovedi' 5 marzo ore 17, Sala Riunioni Dipartimento di Matematica 

-Prof. Luis Vega (Universidad Pais Vasco).

Title: A new approach to Hardy's uncertainty principle
and applications.

Abstract: Hardy's theorem states that if a function
and its Fourier transform decay faster than a given
Gaussian then they must vanish.
In the talk I'll present some joint work
with Escauriaza, Kenig and Ponce where
we restate Hardy's result as a uniqueness result
for solutions of the free Schrodinger that have
a gaussian decay at two different
times. Then we extend the result considering
perturbations of zero order. Our approach is based
on the use of Carleman estimates.

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