[CvGmt News] 31 Jan 2008 Closing Date for OxMOS 3 year PDRA in Microstructure Evolution and Morphology - BK/07/36

Luigi Ambrosio l.ambrosio at sns.it
Mon Jan 21 13:54:40 CET 2008

Could you please bring this post to the attention of suitable candidates.  =
A poster is also attached which we would be grateful if you could display o=
n any suitable notice boards.

Postdoctoral Research Assistant in Microstructure Evolution and Morphology =

We invite applications for an EPSRC-funded 3-year postdoctoral research pos=
ition starting 1 October 2008 (or as soon as possible thereafter). http://w=
ww.maths.ox.ac.uk/node/5180. The successful candidate will work jointly wit=
h Prof Sir John Ball (from the Oxford Centre for Nonlinear Partial Differen=
tial Equations) and Prof Endre S=FCli (Numerical Analysis Group, Oxford Uni=
versity Computing Laboratory).  The research will form part of the 5-year E=
PSRC-funded Critical Mass programme (which began in 2006) "New Frontiers in=
 the Mathematics of Solids" (OxMOS  http://www.maths.ox.ac.uk/oxmos/) direc=
ted by Prof Sir John Ball,  Prof Jon Chapman (Oxford Centre for Industrial =
and Applied Mathematics) and Prof  Endre S=FCli.

The project concerns the computation and analysis of the evolution of micro=
structure in materials undergoing solid phase transformations. Applicants s=
hould have, or should have submitted, at the time of taking up the award a =
PhD in mathematics or a closely related area. They should have a strong bac=
kground in computational partial differential equations and related techniq=
ues of analysis, and experience of programming in a high-level language. =

The closing date is 31 January 2008 (12 noon).

We are also inviting applications for a postgraduate studentship in modelli=
ng dislocation ladders in fatigue for October 2008. =

Details of both posts can be found on the Mathematical Institute vacancies =
page http://www.maths.ox.ac.uk/notices/vacancies. =

Please also note in your diaries the date of the next OxMOS one day worksho=
p on 'Fracture'.  It will be on Monday 10 March 2008.  We will send more de=
tails when they are available, including when you will be able to register =
on the website.

You are on our mailing list for future announcements.  We will use this mai=
ling list to advertise future workshops, conferences, vacancies, studentshi=
ps, research posts and other events. Please contact us at oxmos-announce-le=
ave at maths.ox.ac.uk if you do not wish to be on the list.  Also please let u=
s know at oxmos at maths.ox.ac.uk if you know of anyone else who might be inte=
rested in joining the mailing list or encourage them to sign-up on our webs=

Ruth Loseby
Project Manager
OxMOS - New Frontiers in the Mathematics of Solids Mathematical Institute
24-29 St Giles
Oxford OX1 3LB
01865 280609
loseby at maths.ox.ac.uk

I am normally at work on Monday all day, Tuesday afternoon and Thursday all=
 day. =

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